Stockbridge Community Schools Facility Use

Supervision & Security

  • All activities must be under competent adult supervision approved by the Director of Community Education and the principal of the building involved.
  • All minors are to remain in the same room with the supervising adult and not allowed to roam the halls
  • All occupants in the building are always to be treated with respect (other attendees, coaches, school employees, students, etc.)
  • The responsible adult must confirm there are no others in the building upon departure.
  • Rooms should be locked upon exiting the building
  • Confirm inside door handle are pulled up and check doors to make sure they are locked form the outside
  • When using the old gym, make sure the outside door is locked. Check all doors in the breezeway to make sure they are locked.

Conditions/Cleanliness of Rooms

  • User groups are expected to leave all rooms, furniture, and restrooms in the condition and arrangement in which they were found.
  • All trash must be picked up and disposed of in an outside receptacle. Trash at Howlett and Katz must be removed from the premises.
  • All bathrooms must be checked, and stools flushed if necessary
  • Turn off all lights in the requested area. (i.e. classroom, gym. Locker room, and restrooms)
  • Any additional custodial services needed to return the facility to the condition in which it was found shall be paid by the user group

Damage and/or Property Loss

  • Users will be responsible for paying for all damage incurred by their use of the facility or equipment, including property of pupils and employees
  • The school district will not be responsible for any loss of valuable of pupils and employees
  • For private gatherings, user’s homeowner insurance policy will be the first one tapped in the event of an accident

Restrictions on Use

  • Approved users are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved by the Director of Community Education and the building principal
  • A building use application must be filed with he Community Education office one week prior to use to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

  • Alcohol and controlled substances will not be permitted in school facilities or on school property

Opening of Offices

  • Buildings will normally be opened one-half hour before the scheduled program time and closed one-half hour after the scheduled end of the program unless other arrangements are requested on the application and approved
  • Building custodians have been instructed that only in the case of extreme emergencies are offices to be opened. Groups are to use pay or cell telephones.

Closure Due to Weather

  • The board reserves the right to cancel activities when the school is closed due to inclement weather

Enforcement of Rules

  • Responsibility for enforce of rules and regulations concerning use of all school facilities rests with groups using the facilities
  • Permits to use a facility may be canceled at any time when there is evidence that the rules and regulations outlined herein are being violated
  • Any infractions of the building use regulations herein may also be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of school facilities

This form is to be filled out and returned to the Community Education office. It must be signed by the applicant.  The facilities do not have regular custodial services or snow removal on weekends. Users must clean up after their events and be prepared in the event of snow or ice.

Please review the District Calendar for availability.

Please review the Use of School Facilities and Building Use Rules.

Fee Estimates - Cafeteria Facilities Rental, $80; Classroom Use Rental, $40; Gymnasium Use Rental, $100; Scheduling Fee, $5; Custodial/Kitchen Personnnel, TBD; Key Use Deposit (separate check) $50.00
Any necessary invoices will be sent within 30 days of event. If a key is needed, there is a $50 deposit required. When key is returned and there is verification no damage has occurred, deposit will be refunded. I, as the sponsoring adult, agree to be responsible for rental and fees on behalf of the organization/person named above. I further accept all liability for damages to the building and/or equipment it contains and agree to adhere to all usage Rules and Regulations that apply to this facility. I recognize that for private gatherings that my homeowners’ insurance policy will be the first one tapped in the event of an accident.
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