Welcome to Stockbridge Community Schools Transportation!

We appreciate your assistance in helping the Transportation Department with keeping our buses running on time.  All of us are looking forward to an awesome school year.

Just a few reminders that will help all of us to have a successful year are below.

1.  All students are required to be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to their pickup times.  Please keep in mind that in the afternoon buses may arrive earlier than their estimated arrival time.  Our bus drivers do not know what students will be riding in the afternoon so they may arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than scheduled.  For our elementary students, school dismissal time is 3:38 pm.  A good measure would be for a parent to be home by 3:45 pm.

2. Students (K thru 2) are required to have a parent or guardian visible for these students to be dropped off.  If you unable to be at the bus stop, PLEASE contact us @ 517-851-8452.  All students will be brought back to the transportation office located in the Smith Elementary School.  Please use Door # 37 for student pickup.

3. Toys/stuffed animals/books etc are not allowed on the bus.

4. Each family has a two stop policy. For example: If parent/guardian are not together and there is shared custody in the district, it will count as two stops.  If the student has a home stop and also go to grandparents after school that is considered two stops.  If the student has a home stop, sitter stop and grandparent stop that is considered three stops and is not permitted.

5. Bus passes are allowed when following the proper protocols. Student must submit a note to their school from parent/guardian stating they have permission to ride home with another student. The school will issue a bus pass for them to give to the driver. 

6.  JR/SR High School bus changes must be made no later that 1:00 pm and elementary changes no later than 2:00 pm.  Any bus change after these times will not be permitted.

7. Medications can not be transported on the school bus. Parents/guardians must deliver any medication directly to the school office where student attends.

8. JR/SR high school students are not permitted to ride the K-6 school bus home with their younger siblings.

9. Bus routes will vary up to 15 minutes on a daily basis due to variations.  If a bus will be delayed more than 15 minutes an automated message will be sent to the families affected. 

Student dismissal times for half day are as follows:  JR/SR high school @ 10:42 & Smith/Heritage @ noon.

 Bus Routes are updated throughout the school year.  All students pickup and drop times are subject to change. The driver will notify any changes to your students directly or with a note home to parents/guardians. 

Bus Route Changes maybe emailed to the Stockbridge Transportation department at 

The district will provide morning Wilson Talent Center (WTC) transportation. The morning WTC bus departs at 7:13 am in front of the High School. Morning students will return to the High School at approximately 11:15 am daily. The afternoon WTC bus will depart at 10:50 am in front of the High School. Afternoon WTC students will return to the High School at approximately 3:00 pm daily.

WTC (Wilson Talent Center) students will not be required to ride the WTC bus to and from school as long as the proper documentation/provisions that are set per School Board Policy are in place at the high school.

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