Welcome to the Transportation Department at Stockbridge Community Schools!

The following information that is provided will help in achieving the goal of riding the school bus successfully.

In February of 2018, we will begin working on the routes that will be in place for the 2018-19 school year. We will continue to work on them throughout the summer. The routes will be based on the information used from this year’s routes. If you have changes that will effect next year’s bus routes, please contact the Transportation Department ASAP. Changes for the upcoming school year are to be made in writing as soon as possible via email to Tracey Wooden or Kim Carpenter.

As the 2018-19 school year approaches we will post deadline dates for you to be made aware of regarding last minute changes for the beginning of the school year. From the first three weeks of school until after the deadline, changes can be made until the fourth week. This includes students going home with friends, getting off the bus with other family members, etc.

We appreciate your assistance in helping the Transportation Department with keeping our buses running on time.  Looking forward to an awesome “Thumbs Up” DAY.

Important Information

  • Each driver will distribute approximate late start pickup times to each student on the PM run the week prior to the Late Start Time.
  • We would like to remind you that a parent/guardian or older sibling must be at the pickup and drop off location daily for students in grades K through 2. Parents or Siblings must be visible when dropping off students.
  • Bus passes are not allowed for the first 3 weeks of school. Bus passes will resume on the fourth week of school.
  • Students are to be ready and waiting for the bus visually in the driveway at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup times. Students need to be 15 feet away from the roadway.
  • Buses will not return to pick up students who miss their bus. It will be the parent’s responsibility to provide transportation in such case.
  • Routes are updated throughout the school year. All student pickup and drop off times are subject to change. The driver will notify your student directly or with a note home to a parent of any changes.
  • If you know that your student is not going to be riding in the morning or afternoon please contact us regarding these changes.
  • JR/SR High School students are NOT permitted to ride the K-6 level bus.
  • School Closings & Delays: Parents/Guardians will be contacted by and ALL CALL phone system from the Superintendent of Schools which you have provided from your students information card. Closings & Delays will also be on our local TV stations.
  • WLNS-Channel 6/WILX-Channel 10 & FOX-Channel 47. Radio stations will no longer receive this information.

2018-19 Bus Route Limits

In the past, we attempted to accommodate all riders and allowed frequent stop changes. This requires substantial secretarial time for the transportation department, bus drivers, school secretaries and teaching staff. The district now limits the number of pick-up and drop-off addresses to TWO stops per family. Any changes should be made in advance by written notice to the transportation department. Parents may NOT call in a last minute change. The primary reason for this limitation is student safety. It is easier and safer for the student to maintain a regular daily schedule with minimal changes especially at the K-6 level.

Bus Route Changes maybe emailed to Tracey Wooden or Kim Carpenter. You may also fax them to 517-851-8334.

Wilson Talent Center Transportation Information

The district will provide morning Wilson Talent Center (WTC) transportation on late start Days. The morning WTC bus departs at 7:16 am in front of the High School. Morning students will return to the High School at approximately 11:10 am daily. The afternoon WTC bus will depart at 10:55 am in front of the High School. Afternoon WTC students will return to the High School at approximately 3:00 pm daily.

If you ride the bus from home and attend morning WTC you must ride the WTC bus both to the WTC and back to the high school, unless a parent/guardian contacts the Transportation Department regarding this change.  

Contact Us

Kim Carpenter
Transportation Dispatcher