Lunch Menu

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June 2023
Monday Mon M
Tuesday Tue T
Wednesday Wed W
Thursday Thu T
Friday Fri F
Monday May 29
Tuesday May 30
Wednesday May 31
Thursday June 1

Stuffed Crust Pizza or PB&J/String Cheese

Romaine Side Salad with Ranch

Fruit Cocktail 

French Toast Sticks with maple syrup and sausage patty or PB&J/String Cheese

Tater Tots  

Mandarin Oranges 

Whole Grain Lasagna Roll Up or PB&J/Sting Cheese      

Baby Carrots  


1/2 Day-No Lunch

Thursday June 8
Friday June 9
Monday June 12
Tuesday June 13
Wednesday June 14
Thursday June 15
Friday June 16
Monday June 19
Tuesday June 20
Wednesday June 21
Thursday June 22
Friday June 23
Monday June 26
Tuesday June 27
Wednesday June 28
Thursday June 29
Friday June 30

Breakfast Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Whole Grain Cereal


1% White Milk


Graham Cracker


1% White Milk

Whole Grain French Toast Stix with Syrup


1% White Milk

Whole Grain Fruit Muffin

String cheese


1% White Milk

Whole Grain Pancake Sausage Wrap


1% White Milk


Note: If your student requires special meal accommodations, please submit a completed Special Dietary Needs form that has been signed by a licensed physician.  

A school breakfast is made up of three meal components which are defined as one serving of milk, one whole grain serving with optional meat/meat alternate as a grain, and one serving of fruit or vegetable or a combination.  Students must take a fruit or juice in order for their meal to be complete.

A school lunch consists of five meal components: protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Students must be served all five components and one fruit or vegetable must be taken in order for their meal to be a completely reimbursable meal. Many of our main entrees consist of two meal components.

1% White Milk is served with each meal. 

Meal Prices

Student Breakfast: Free      

Student Lunch: $3.00

A La Carte Milk: $0.55

*Menus are subject to change at any time due to supply chain issues. We will do our best to stick to the menu. 

For information about meal payment options, free and reduced lunch, or special dietary needs, please visit Food & Nutrition Services.