Meet the Principals

Senior High School

Welcome Stockbridge students, families, and friends, my name is Jeff Trapp, and I am the Senior High School Principal.  I am a proud graduate of Michigan State University, where I have earned a bachelor’s degree in science and a master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum. I have been a high school science teacher and coach at Stockbridge for over 13 years.  I decided to become principal knowing the extraordinary staff that we have and the opportunities for learning that we provide. I am so confident in our district that my wife and I opted to send our two children to Stockbridge Schools through  school of choice. I have a vested interest in the success of Stockbridge Senior High School and Stockbridge Community Schools.

At Stockbridge Senior High we offer unique classes for a school of  our size. With our innovative block scheduling, students can take eight classes a year, four at a time.  Our core curriculum is strong, as evidenced by Advanced Placement courses in English Language, World History, Biology, Physics, Calculus and a new offering in AP Computer Science Principles.   Our elective courses offer rigorous opportunities to connect to career paths. From robotics, band, choir, journalism, yearbook, and career and technical programs, our school enriches students across a wide range of interests.  We also continue to provide a 1:1 learning environment, giving every student a digital device to foster creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in a digital environment. At SSHS we strive to prepare students for the 21st century workforce.   

Junior High School 



Meghan Kunzelman
Junior High School Principal/Athletic Director
Jeffrey Trapp
Senior High School Principal