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Forward Emergency Information Religious Release Time
Important Notices & Policies Field Trips Report Cards
Attendance Food Services School Closings & Delays
Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy Insurance Student Records
Change of Address Lost and Found Tobacco Products
Communication Medical Information Transportation
Complaint/Grievance Procedure Parent Involvement Use of School Facilities
Controlled Substance Policy Personal Property Visitors
Discipline Student Incapacity Weapons
Dress Code Recess Technology Acceptable Use


This handbook is intended to provide basic, quick reference information for the parents and students of Heritage School. Please take a few minutes to go over this handbook with your child and be sure to come back and reference it as often as you need.

Included in this handbook is the Stockbridge Community Schools Technology Usage Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. You will need to sign and return the technology acceptance form. In order for your child to fully participate technology available within the school it is important that we get this signature form returned. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the school office whenever you need additional information.

Heritage School houses grades 3 through 6. We offer music, art, physical education, STEM, and special services. Our student enrollment is approximately 330. We are one of two elementary schools in the Stockbridge District.

Important Notices and Policies

Annual Notices

Board Policies


Good attendance is an extremely important part of your child’s school career. When a student is absent or tardy they are missing important parts of their education. Further, regular attendance in school now is an important lesson to be learned for their future education and into the world of work. 20 or more absences will result in a notification from the attendance officer of the county.

Students who are absent should bring a note when returning to school. It isn't necessary to call the office unless the child has a communicable disease (head lice, chickenpox, etc.) Students arriving late should report to the office.

You can make arrangements to pick up homework or have it sent home with another student. Please give the staff sufficient time to prepare the information.

Students arriving after 8:50 a.m. and before 11:00 a.m. are marked tardy; after 11:00 a.m. students are marked 1⁄2 day absent. Students who leave before 2:00 p.m. are also marked 1⁄2 day absent.

Change of Address

If you have a change of address or phone number or add a P.O. Box, please let us know, so we can
update our records. A new Proof of Residency will be required in the office.


Tips for better home school communication:

  • Get to know the school principal and staff members. Attend school open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and other events.
  • Let the principal or staff member know when you are pleased about something, as well as when you are dissatisfied.
  • If an issue arises, communicate with the staff member or administrator closest to the situation.
  • Be aware that answers or solutions may not come right away. Sometimes follow-up activities are required to obtain all the information and to study the implications before a question or concern can be resolved in a way that is fair and reasonable.

Complaint/Grievance Procedure

If any person believes that the Stockbridge Community Schools or any part of the school
organization has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of 1) Title VI of the
Education Amendment Act of 1972, 2) Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, and 3)
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, he/she may bring forward a complaint, which shall be referred to as a grievance, to the local Civil Rights Coordinator at the following address:

Brian Friddle, Supt.
305 W Elizabeth
Stockbridge, MI 49285

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

Cell phones are useful devices. They may be used in a classroom with permission only. Otherwise, it is expected the cell phones and all personal electronic devices are turned off and placed in student lockers from arrival to dismissal. If a student has his/her phone in hand or is using it without specific direction or permission, it will be taken away. The phone will be turned into the office and the handbook policy will be enforced. The extent of the confiscation and/or search of the cell phone is dependent upon the circumstances present at that time and within the discretion of school authorities. Whether or not or when the cell phone is returned to the parent/guardian is also dependent upon the circumstances presented at the time of the violation. Possible consequences include a confiscated cell phone brought to the office for the student to retrieve at the end of the school day, or for the parent to retrieve from the office. If a student continues to violate the policy, the student will be prohibited from bringing the device to school.

The school prohibits the use of any video device from any restroom, locker room or other location where students and staff “have a reasonable expectation of privacy.” A student improperly using any device to take or transmit images will face disciplinary action up to and including a ten-day suspension, loss of privileges, and may be recommended for expulsion.


Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
We expect positive behavior to be used by all. Students will be taught, monitored, and acknowledged when positive choices are made.

Stockbridge Community Schools does not allow bullying per Policy 8260 which is posted in each building, available from the principal, and on the district website under Board of Education/Policies.

We are fond of the research and ideas that are coming out of the "Love and Logic Institute." Love and Logic has been used throughout the schools for many years. We are making a conscientious effort to increase the usage and understanding of these philosophies. In a nutshell:

Guidelines For Student Behavior

  1. You may engage in any behavior that is Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. The behaviors must not create a problem for you or anyone else in the school.
  2. If you find yourself with a problem, you may solve it by any means that does not cause a problem for anyone else in the school.
  3. You may engage in any behavior that does not jeopardize the safety or learning of yourself or others. Unkind words and actions will not be tolerated

In ensuring the above guidelines are adhered to, the school staff will operate with the following principles as the guide:

  1. We will react without anger or haste to problem situations.
  2. We will provide consequences that are not punitive but that allow the child to experience the results of a poor choice, enabling him or her to make better choices in the future.
  3. We will proceed in all situations with the best interest of the child who—foremost in our minds—academic, social, and emotional well-being will be fostered.
  4. We will guide students toward personal responsibility and the decision-making skills they will need to function in the world.
  5. We will arrange consequences for problem situations in such a way that the child will not be humiliated or demeaned.
  6. Equal is not always fair. Consequences will be designed to fit the problems of individual students, and they may be different even when problems appear to be the same.
  7. We will make every effort to ensure that, in each situation, the students involved understand why they are involved in consequences.
  8. If we at any time act or react in a way that a child truly feels is unjust, that student need only say to any staff member, “I’m not sure that’s fair.” The staff member will arrange a private conference during which the student can express why he or she feels the actions were not fair. This may or may not change the course of action. We are always open to calm, rational discussion of any matter.

Adults Take Care Of Themselves By Providing Limits In A Loving Way.

  •  Adults avoid anger, threats, warnings or lectures.
  •  Adults use enforceable statements.
  •  Children are offered choices within limits.
  •  Limits are maintained with compassion, understanding or empathy.

Childhood Misbehavior Is Treated As An Opportunity For Gaining Wisdom.

  •  In a loving way, the adult holds the child accountable for solving his/her problems in a way that does not make a problem for others.
  •  Children are offered choices with limits.
  •  Adults use enforceable statements.
  •  Adults provide delayed/extended consequences.
  •  The adult’s empathy is “locked in” before consequences are delivered.

For more information, visit Love and Logic.

This policy is in compliance with Board Policy 5500– other applicable policies.

Further, disciplinary actions will be based upon the seriousness of the behavior, the previous disciplinary record of the student, the student’s individual needs, and the circumstances of each case. A progressive cumulative approach to discipline will be used. Discipline is within the sound discretion of the school’s staff and administration. Due process ensures that disciplinary action is imposed only after review of the facts and/or special circumstances of the situation.

Disciplinary Actions include but are not limited to:

  • Student/Parent/Staff conference
  • Behavior Plan
  • Restitution
  • Community Service
  • Parent Contact by phone
  • Administrator/parent/student conference
  • Behavior support by counselor/School Social Worker
  • Loss of privileges
  • Detention (lunch, before/after school, Saturday)
  • Bus suspension
  • In or Out of school Suspension
  • Recommendation to Board of Education for expulsion

The parent or guardian will be notified of any serious problem or a problem that requires removing the student from the regular school program or a school-sponsored event. Cooperation between the parent or guardian and the school will be essential to help the student learn self-control and responsibility for his/her behavior. Violations include but are not limited to:

  • Fighting
  • Inappropriate display of affection
  • Profanity and vulgar language
  • Insubordination
  • Possession/use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products
  • Student bullying/hazing
  • Defacing School Property or Property Belonging to Another
  • Truancy
  • Abuse of hall pass privileges
  • Theft
  • Forgery
  • Vandalism
  • Causing False Fire Alarm
  • Arson
  • Weapons and explosives.
  • Striking or Threatening School Personnel
  • Bomb Threats

Major violations will result in discipline up to suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion.


If you need to pick your child up from school early, you must sign him/her out in the office. Students will be dismissed from the office. If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is picking them up, please notify us in writing or by phone.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in good taste. Shoes must be worn at all times. Each student will need a pair of gym shoes that are clean, dry, and have a soft rubber sole. Dress or grooming which is disruptive to the educational environment or process is prohibited. Clothing is prohibited from displaying vulgar or obscene language or graphics. A two-inch wide shoulder strap minimum is required on all garment tops (tank tops must cover close to the underarm area). Shorts/skirts should be of appropriate length and fit and must cover the upper thigh (as determined by supervising staff). No halter tops, mesh shirts, tops that expose the midriff, shorts with slits (or holes), flannel pajama-style pants, and other suggestive clothing are to be worn. Under no circumstances should any undergarments be visible. Hats (including bandanas and hoods) and coats may not be worn or carried during regular school hours. Narrow headbands and barrettes are the only acceptable head wear. Confederate flags shall not be worn on school grounds. This includes t-shirts, belt buckles, jackets, cups, pins, stickers, etc.

If a student violates the dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the violation. School personnel will communicate with the student and his/her parent or guardian about the violation. A student who continues to violate the dress code will be subject to appropriate progressive disciplinary measures, which could result in suspension.

Physical Education Dress Code

Students are expected to wear gym shoes that are clean, dry and that have a soft rubber sole. Hiking boots, snow boots, slippers, dress shoes, hard soled shoes, sandals, flip flops, spikes, wrestling shoes and stocking feet will not be allowed on the wooden floor in gym class.

Emergency Information

On the first day of school or before we will send home several forms to be completed, including an Enrollment Card containing emergency information. This information is necessary so that we will know whom to contact if your child is injured or ill and you cannot be reached. It is important to let us know if there are any changes during the year. Please note the information regarding permission to have your child treated at a medical facility if you cannot be reached.

Also, be sure to indicate where your child should go if school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, and you are not home. Please discuss this with your child ahead of time. If the school does close early students must ride their usual bus. Because of the time factor, it is usually impossible for students to call their parents for instructions before leaving school.


In case of a Homeland Security Advisory System - Level Red Alert directly impacting Ingham and the surrounding counties in our district the following steps listed below will be taken.

If the announcement regarding a specific threat that impacts Ingham County comes before or after school hours:

  • Schools will be closed.
  • All activities and events scheduled for any district facility will be canceled until further notice.
  • Normal school operations will remain closed until we are authorized to re-open.

If the announcement regarding a specific threat that impacts Ingham County comes during school hours:

  • All schools will be locked and access will be closely monitored.
  • Students will remain in programs until regular dismissal.
  • Parents and guardians may sign students out as preferred; however, students will only be released to those listed on the student’s emergency contact form.
  • Normal transportation procedures will be implemented for students (i.e. regular bus routes, walkers, student drives him/herself, or parent pickup) unless otherwise directed by local emergency management officials.
  • All activities and events scheduled for any district facility will be canceled until further notice.

Parents are encouraged to help with this matter by advising the school of any emergency contact information changes, refraining from calling the school during an emergency time so the phone lines may remain open and tuning into the local radio and television stations for updates.

Field Trips

With the approval of the administration, students will be allowed to take trips with their classes. Parental permission is required. The Field Trip Permission Form is included on the enrollment form. Parents are also encouraged to help chaperone students on trips. To be considered for chaperoning a field trip, parents/guardians must have an approved background done through the school. Background check forms must be turned in no later than 1 week prior to the trip. Forms are available in the main office and need to be returned to the main office.

Brothers, sisters, or other relatives under the age of 18 are prohibited from attending field trips. These activities are intended only for students who are in the class. Chaperones other than the child's parents need to be approved by the principal.

Food Services

Smith Elementary School Menus are updated monthly. We recommend that you look them over with your children and decide on lunches for the coming week. 


Students who do not have insurance can purchase a policy from First Agency for a nominal fee. Pamphlets are sent home on the first day of school. The school does not provide insurance for injured students.

Lost and Found

Items that are found will be put in a lost and found area, located in the lobby. Please check this area on a daily basis.

Medical Information

Stockbridge Community Schools Administrative Rules and Regulations for Administering and Dispensing Medication to Students are as follows:

  • No school staff member may dispense or administer medication of any kind, including non-prescription drugs such as aspirin, without a completed medical permission form.
  • For any student requiring medication at school, the parent/guardian will bring the authorization and medication in the original container to the office. Information regarding side effects is also requested. The school may request additional information about side effects as needed.
  • The administration of all medication will be witnessed by an adult in addition to the adult administering the medication, except in cases of emergency.
  • An individual record will be kept of each medication administered. The record should include student identification, date prescribed, name of medication, time and date given, the signature of person administering, and a section for comments.
  • The school staff will be advised annually to send any student exhibiting signs or symptoms of a medical reaction or illness to the office.
  • Medication not picked up by parents by one week after school ends will be discarded.


Students, teachers, and supervisors are asked to report all school and playground accidents to the office. When necessary, an accident report is filled out. Any time the office is informed that a serious injury has occurred, the office will notify you.

Head lice

Head lice is a common condition that can be transmitted among people, especially among children whose hats and jackets are close together. Itching or scratching may be a sign of lice, but sometimes there are no signs until you look closely. Until a child is lice and nit free, they may not be able to ride the bus or attend school. A check will be required in the main office when the child returns.

Communicable Disease

Communicable disease control is an integral part of school health services. The school follows current public health practices and rules and regulations governing the control and prevention of communicable diseases that are set up by the State and County Health Departments. Please help us by keeping your child at home when the following symptoms appear coughing, sore throat, runny nose, chills, ear or eye discharge, upset stomach, fever, infected sores, swollen glands, or a contagious rash. If your child becomes ill during school hours, we will notify you. Please be sure we have the correct emergency numbers for your child.


Disease May return to school Approximate time
Fifth Disease
May return with rash if no fever or distress 1-3 days
Common Cold Reduction of cough and runny nose, no fever 1-6 days
Chicken Pox No new eruptions or fever, may have old dry scabs 1 week
Hepatitis Doctor permission only Varies
Impetigo Doctor permission or clearing of the condition 24 hours after first medication
Measles (Rubella) No rash or fever, red eyes, red nose 4-10 days
Mumps No swelling or fever 1-2 weeks
Pink Eye Doctor permission or clear eyes evident Varies
Head/body lice
Until all lice and nits are gone 1-7 days
Strep Infection Doctor permission, depends on severity of condition Varies

*Students must be fever free and not vomited for 24 hours before returning to school.


In order to protect all children, parents are requested to provide a statement from the attending physician when a child returns to school from a serious illness or injury that indicates:

  1. The exact nature of illness or injury.
  2. The child’s present physical, mental, and emotional state.
  3. Specific special needs that the child has. (i.e., special seating, rest periods, safety precautions)
  4. Limitations for physical and mental activities.


Michigan schools are required to report immunization information. Any student who fails to meet the immunization requirements below shall not be admitted or participate in school classes.

In order for a student to attend school in Michigan, the Michigan Public Health Code requires the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to have one of the following on file with the school:

  1. A valid, current immunization record
  2. A medical doctor’s (M.D./D.O.) signed the State of Michigan 2020 Medical Contraindication Form, which states the medical contraindication(s), the vaccines involved, and the time period during which the child is not able to get the vaccines
  3. A current, certified State of Michigan 2020 Immunization Nonmedical Immunization Waiver Form required under Michigan Administrative Rules


Michigan law requires that children entering Kindergarten have vision and hearing screening tests upon school entrance. Additional tests are provided at designated grade levels during the school year.

Parent Involvement

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are held twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. It is important that parents attend to discuss their child's progress with his/her teacher. Prior to conferences, schedules and time request forms are sent home for parents to complete and return.

Parent Teacher Organization

A good school must have an active PTO. Many of the programs, events, and activities are done under their sponsorship. The Panther Cub PTO serves students from both Smith and Heritage Schools. We hope that you will get involved!


Parents are always encouraged to be active in school. Some areas of volunteer interest may include classroom assistance, help with reading programs, monthly enrichment programs, playground activities, library assistance, etc. Please let the office, or classroom teacher, know if you can give some of your time.

Personal Property

We discourage students from bringing valuable personal property to school because of possible loss or damage for which the school is not responsible.

  • Please do not send your child to school with large amounts of money.
  • Student possessions (outerwear, backpacks, etc.) should be labeled with the student’s name.
  • Personal items (toys, trading cards, electronic items, etc.) should NOT be brought to school.
  • Personal items brought to school for pre-approved educational purposes (sharing time or special projects) are to be kept in the classroom or in the office.


Occasionally a child has a pet, which he/she would like to have the class see. This can be arranged by contacting the teacher to make arrangements for the parent to bring the pet to school at a specific time and then take it home. Pets cannot be taken on the bus.


Fresh air and exercise have proven to help in the physical and educational growth of students. Children should be in school only when well enough to go outside. A doctor’s statement is required for a child to be excused from outdoor recess. It is very important that children wear appropriate clothes to participate in recess. The clothing most often lacking includes hats, heavy coats, boots, and gloves or mittens. If you are unable to provide warm clothing, please contact the principal for assistance. During severe rain or cold (0 degrees actual or wind-chill or at the principal’s discretion) students will remain indoors for recess.

Religious Release Time

Students that would like to participate in religious instruction will be released from school at the principal's discretion. Parents are requested to submit a schedule in writing to the office at least one week before classes are to begin.

Report cards

Report cards are issued two times a year (approximately every 18 weeks). Progress reports will be issued at 9 weeks. They will be sent home with the students following the end of the marking period. The final report card of the year will be mailed home shortly after school ends.

School Closings and Delays

In the event of poor weather conditions school may be delayed, closed, or dismissed early, and buses may run on main roads only. Parents and students are asked to tune in to the radio or TV for information on school day changes during times of bad weather. During the school day, parents should stay tuned to the radio or TV if the weather is looking bad.

School officials will notify the following stations directly

WILX-TV (channel 10) WFMK-RADIO (99 FM)
WLNS-TV (channel 6) WIBM-Radio (94.1 FM)

Please note: TV stations carry school closing information earlier than radio stations. In addition, the district website http://panthernet.net will carry the current delay/closing information. A school-wide voice message will also be sent in these incidents.

Student Incapacity

In order to protect all children, parents are requested to do the following when a child returns to school from a serious illness or injury:

  1. Provide a statement from the attending physician that indicates:
    1. The exact nature of illness or injury
    2. The child's present physical, mental and emotional state.
    3. Specific special needs the child has (i.e. special seating, rest periods, safety precautions)
    4. Limitations for physical and mental activities
  2. Furnish the principal with the attending physician’s phone number.

Student records

Stockbridge community schools has compiled records on students for use in the provision of appropriate education programs and services. Federal and state legislation provide you with certain rights regarding the confidentiality of these records. These rights include the following:

  1. Your right to access education records, which includes your right to inspect and to review them, to request explanation or interpretation of portions you do not fully understand, and to request copies of portions thereof. Copies will be provided at no cost or within 5 days. A fee for retrieval and search for educational records shall not be charged. Requests for access shall follow procedures specified in the agency policy.
  2. Your right to request amendment to records if you think records or portions thereof are inaccurate and misleading and, therefore, violate their confidentiality, and your rights to a due process hearing. Notice of hearing and corresponding process shall follow procedures established in the agency policy.
  3. Your right to limit disclosure of education records which includes the right to know persons or agencies that shall have access to records, together with specific records or portions thereof and proposed uses of records disclosed.
  4. Your right to request the destruction of education records, if and when educational agency has decided that records are no longer needed for the educational and/or administrative purposes they were collected, including your right to be notified at such times as graduation or other forms of termination of enrollment, or when your child reaches age 26.
  5. Your right to protest if you think that the administrative procedures of Stockbridge Community Schools are not in compliance with the law, to:

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office
    Department of Education
    15  Switzer Building, Room 4511
    Washington, D.C., 20202

Tobacco Products

The use of tobacco products is totally prohibited from all school buildings and facilities at any time of day. Violators will be subject to misdemeanor penalty punishment.

Controlled Substance Policy

The first violation for the possession, use of, or being under the influence of a controlled substance shall be handled as follows:

  1. An Administrative inquiry shall be conducted.
  2. The civil authorities may be contacted.
  3. The student shall be suspended for the disruption of the educational process for 45 days reducible to 10 days if the following conditions are met. (At the parent's or guardian's expense.)
    • Students must take an approved urine and/or blood test, prior to returning from 10-day suspension. 
    • Students will take part in a substance-counseling program for a minimum of 5 counseling sessions within 45 school days of the substance abuse violation. 
    • Students will provide evidence/documentation to the school of their counseling sessions. 
    • Students must take and pass a second urine and/or blood test within 45 school days of the substance abuse violation. This test will be randomly administered.
    • Failure to meet the conditions of the reduced suspension will result in the student being suspended for the full 45 days.
  4. Students seeking help through self-referral shall be given referral and support services with no jeopardy of suspension or loss of co-curricular activities.
  5. Suspicion of use which is accompanied by behavioral data such as smell, slurred speech, instability, or other behaviors, shall be treated as being under the influence or being in possession of prohibited substances and will require the student to go through the same procedures outlined in number 3 above.
  6. Selling, delivering, or dispensing illegal and/or unauthorized mood-altering chemicals (drugs and alcohol) result in a recommendation for expulsion and referral to civil authorities.
  7. Beginning in the 1999/2000 school year students in grades 6-12 who are found guilty of a second violation of the student code of conduct for the possession, use, or being under the influence of a controlled substance during the student's career in the Stockbridge School District will result in an automatic recommendation for expulsion from the Stockbridge School District and referral to civil authorities.


Please notify Transportation of any address or pick-up/drop-off changes. If you have any questions regarding bus transportation, schedules, late buses, etc.

General Transportation Rules

  • Students who regularly ride a bus must ride the bus home unless they bring a note signed by a parent advising us of a change for that day. We cannot give students a bus pass for a different bus without written permission from a parent. No bus passes will be given during the first two weeks of school.
  • Students should bring notes to the office when they arrive at school, not at the end of the day. This procedure will help to avoid confusion and ensure that your child will be transported to the correct place.

Use Of School Facilities

The school district makes school facilities available during non-school hours for use by various community groups. All such use must be arranged in advance through the Community Education office.


Parents and community members are encouraged to visit our school and participate in activities. If you plan on visiting please inform your child's teacher and sign in at the office. We discourage pets and friends from visiting school unless pre-arranged with the teacher and principal.


Weapons are not allowed on school property at any time. Any weapon will be confiscated and turned over to the proper authorities. State law dictates action be taken.

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