Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation

The Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation is offering a great way to recognize your favorite teacher, bus driver, secretary or any other district employee.  We all know that our teachers and staff members do an outstanding job, so how about honoring them with a S.T.A.R. Award?

S.T.A.R. stands for Staff and Teacher Appreciation and Recognition, and for just $20 you can send a certificate to show your gratitude! Here’s how it works:  A S.T.A.R. nomination form can be found on our Documents and Forms Page so just print and complete it, add $20, and send it in to any school main office! When you purchase a S.T.A.R. Award, your honored teacher or staff member will receive a personalized certificate to acknowledge your appreciation, and the SAEF will receive $20 to use toward its support of Stockbridge schools. Money earned from the S.T.A.R. Award program will be given right back to our local students and community members through our educational foundation’s grant and scholarship programs. 

It’s a win/win and a great way to acknowledge the efforts of our hard-working employees. Thanks for supporting our school district and the Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation! 

1073/p706939344_225.jpg  Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation 

305 W. Elizabeth St. 
Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7188
(517) 851-8334 fax

To make donations to the Stockbridge Area Educational Foundation please contact Karl Heidrich at 517-851-7188.